• AC Repair
  • AC Replacement
  • AC Installation
  • Cooling Services
AC Repair

Unmaintained air conditioners can have several problems from electric and mechanical defects to overheating which eventually lead to malfunctions. We thoroughly investigate, clean and service your ac with the help of our well trained and experienced team of ac technicians.

AC Replacement

Need a new cooling system? Unsatisfied with your air conditioner! We provide professional consultancy on which cooling system is best needed for your objectives and in customer friendly prices. We also provide installation services and will guide on the various Do’s and Don’ts to ensure maximum life to your cooling system.

AC Installation

Window, Split, inverter or 5 ton … confused on what air conditioner is best for you and your budget? You can consult your various requirements to our well experienced staff on which ac best suits your needs and resources. Whether be home, office or restaurant; We know the cooler for you.

Cooling Services

Continuous use of AC systems can cause accumulation of dust, dirt and even fungus if not properly serviced. These results in the compressor drawing more energy from the mains and damaging the condenser and evaporator coils. Not only do you get sudden spikes in your electricity bill, but it results in warm, moist and spore infested air that is hazardous to your health. We not only use certified advanced equipment to tackle these issues but also incorporate eco-friendly chemicals and water cleaning.